Stéelgenic Anchor Chain Bracelet ANCHOR|BRN9061

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Item description/Notes

■A bracelet that features a voluminous anchor chain.
■A beautiful and simple form as if there are no clasps to connect the bracelets based on the concept of "The Beauty of the End.
■Enjoy perfect arm coordination all season.
■Since the material uses stainless steel (SUS316L), people with metal allergies can wear it with no worries.
*There are individual differences in allergic reactions, so we do not guarantee no allergic response. If symptoms occur, please stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.

How to put on and take off

① Hang the bracelet on the inside of your arm so that you can see the gap at the tip of one side of the bracelet.
② With the bracelet hanging on the arm, rotate and adjust the direction of the coma so that the gap between the two ends is on the lower side.
③ Adjust the gap at the outer tip of the arm to the gap at the inner tip.
④ Rotate the outer tip of the arm 90 degrees and slide it into the gap between the inner tip and the outer tip of the arm.
⑤ In this state, it will not come off easily, but by rotating one of the frames 180 degrees (gap is far from each other), it can have a lock function to prevent it from coming off.
⑥ When removing, please follow the reverse procedure above.


■ Color
SUS (silver): No plating
IP PINKGOLD: Ion plating
IP BROWN: Ion plating 

■ Size
Width: about 12mm

■ Length
18 cm: Wrist circumference about 18 cm
19 cm: Wrist circumference about 19 cm
20 cm: Wrist circumference about 20 cm
21 cm: Wrist circumference about 21 cm
It is recommended to use a wrist size of 2cm to 3cm larger than your own wrist circumference, as the tips are layered on top of each other and detached.
■ Material


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POUCH 【 L 】 : For bangles and bracelets only
POUCH 【 S 】 : Chains, parts, and others

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BOX 【 S 】
Rings, earrings and necklaces only

Bangles and bracelets only

Chains, parts, and others

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