We believe that accessories and jewelry are meant to be worn. They may be fashion, a promise to someone, or perhaps exaggeratedly, our own determination. Moreover, they are something that is cherished when worn by someone important, or when worn together with someone important.

That is why we create designs that you can wear for a long time, and that is why we choose materials that do not choose who wears them, so that we are here to make your everyday life just a little bit more enjoyable.



There is always a simple design that is sought after by many people in every age. We do not consider something simple if it is nothing at all. We seek for "something more than just simple" and create designs by putting our craftsmen's "emotions" and "excellence" into a single form based on our design concept. We believe our designs can be worn on any occasion.


In 2002, we started manufacturing products using "SUS316L," a high-grade stainless steel material that is still rarely handled in Japan, as our main material. At that time, it was a difficult material to process and a relatively unknown decorative material. However, it had an unique advantage that other materials did not have. That is that stainless steel was gentle to the skin and relatively safe for people with metal allergies to wear, and also, it can bring back the joy and excitement of wearing jewelry and accessories to those who have given up on them because of weak skin. We have been studying stainless steel processing technology in order to make an appeal to this material known to as many people as possible. Please try our stainless steel jewelry and accessories.

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